Skywave UC

Hosted telephony with enterprise-level features

Our platform is a virtual phone system which is flexible and easy to implement. Best of all, no on-site hardware is required.

BT’s ISDN Switch Off – What this means to you

Numerous small and medium-sized enterprises across the United Kingdom continue to depend on traditional physical ISDN lines for their connectivity. BT has set a 2025 cutoff date for discontinuing these lines, imposing a deadline for businesses still utilising them.

By adopting a hosted unified cloud solution, a multitude of possibilities become available.

Remote Working

This solution enables remote work, fostering flexibility and collaboration among teams, even across geographic distances.

CRM Integration

Seamless integration with CRM systems streamlines data management, enhancing customer relationships and business efficiency.

Scalability & Reliability

It offers scalability, robustness, and unwavering reliability, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes as they expand.

What are the features?

Call Pickup

Collect calls ringing on other users phones by using this feature, the below are supported.
• Ring Group
• Extension
• Call centre Agents

Busy Lamp (Presence)

See the status of users on softphones and their BLF on hard devices
• Extension
• Softphone

Call Transfer

Supported across all devices and softphone applications
• Blind
• Attended

Call Barge (Eavesdrop)

To support your team or join a call heading the wrong way, employ the PIN-secured call barge feature. It offers three options:
• Listen in
• Speak to operator only
• Speak to both parties

Intercom / Group Paging

Easily communicate with multiple extensions in your intercom group via the phone’s speaker, perfect for coordinating when the sandwich van arrives!

Soft Phone

Ideal for call centers or remote workers, our soft phone eliminates the need for a physical phone. It allows calls from any internet-connected location across various operating systems and mobile devices. Streamlined provisioning ensures minimal user support.


Divert callers to announcements for purposes like sharing business hours or marketing messages. You can also insert time-sensitive announcements anywhere in the system.

Auto Attendant

A helpful tool directing callers to the appropriate business team, ensuring efficient handling and preventing your team from managing calls beyond their capacity.

Ring Groups

Create customised ring groups to call specific teams. Display the group name on phone interfaces, allowing for multiple groups and clear member identification.

Time Conditions

Utilise time-based routing to determine where inbound calls should go based on factors like time, date, day of the week, and even holidays. All UK bank holidays come preconfigured and are easily set with a simple click.

Fax to Email to Fax

Streamline faxing by sending and receiving faxes via email, reducing consumable costs and filtering out unwanted junk. Additionally, you can email documents to an outbound fax service and transmit emails to someone’s fax machine.


Voicemail is available when calls go unanswered, either through failover for compatible extensions or direct routing, such as time-based routing for out-of-hours situations.

On Hold Music / Message

You can upload custom on-hold music or messages to the system, ensuring that when you place a customer on hold, they hear your tailored music or marketing message. Alternatively, you can stream content from a service or server, for instance, like a radio station broadcasting while the caller is on hold.

FSA & PCI Compliant Call recording

All call recordings are automatically saved for 60 days and are included in the standard extension cost. However, longer retention periods can be specified, with additional storage charged on a per GB basis. One minute of recording occupies 0.25MB. Customers have the option to download bulk call recordings for specific timeframes. Moreover, agents can pause and resume recording during calls when obtaining payment card details.


Our conference service offers a single number for clients to dial into multiple conference rooms. These rooms can be monitored via the web portal, featuring functions like viewing participants, muting all attendees, removing individuals from the conference, enabling/disabling call recording, and activating/deactivating announcements.


Phones feature log in/out capabilities, facilitating hot-desking. Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers remain associated with the logged-in user, not the physical phone.

Call Block

You can block calls or direct them to voicemail based on their caller ID.

CLI Presentation

We endorse the presentation of registered numbers from a company’s address database and also support presenting withheld numbers on the platform.

All area DDI’s supplied

Through our partnership with BT Wholesale, we can procure DDI numbers for all UK area codes, with only a few exceptions. Each user or extension is assigned a DDI as part of our service, and additional DDIs can be added for an extra fee.

UK and International Number Porting

We collaborate with all major UK carriers and extend our support to numbers in over 60 countries worldwide. Our primary UK connection is established through BT Wholesale’s IPEX service.

Online Administrator / User Portal

The web portal offers full phone management, including CDRs and call recordings access, with detailed user permissions and transaction logging for audits.

Access To 999 Services

All customers access 999 services, and we update client addresses for the emergency database. Note: Phones won’t work during power cuts, requiring alternatives.

API Extensions

API extensions facilitate interaction with various outbound dealer systems, enhancing automated call centre operations.

WLR 4 (SIP Trunks)

WLR 4 replaces ISDN, providing advanced features such as call recording and time-based routing, often used with remote hosted seats for unified systems.

Voice Policies

Voice policies allow control over users’ call expenses by restricting certain extensions to low-cost call types, following the designated calling matrix.

Credit Limits

Credit limits are preset per user and company, preventing excessive charges with configurable alerts and call barring.

Auto Provision Devices

Auto-provisioning ensures device security and uniformity. We swiftly update software, syncing portal changes with handsets, simplifying client rollout and support.

Alternative CLI

You can easily configure your phone to display different numbers with a single click or by using a short code. This is especially useful for representing multiple companies or different business areas.

Fraud Prevention

Our system actively combats toll fraud, a prevalent issue. Continuous analysis, triggers, and 24/7 monitoring swiftly thwart high-value fraud, often originating from compromised network phones. Auto-provisioning is crucial for added security, and early intervention helps prevent significant phone fraud incidents.

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